Wednesday, August 06, 2008


All done

I've finally finished recording 221 vinyl LPs and converting them into approximately 2,500 MP3 songs, which are now ready to play at a moment's notice on my iPod. I generally prefer using "shuffle" and just letting whatever comes up play. But sometimes I wonder about the validity of the random functions used by the iPod, some artists sure seem to come up much more frequently than their relative distribution would suggest. Still, it's easy enough to just call up the next song. So much nostalgia...

I left out about 25 albums - these were the ones that just didn't interest me now, or were comedy albums that I long ago realized weren't that funny after the second or third replay, etc. There were also a few that just made me cringe to think about - I actually used to listen to these??

Last weekend I collected several dusty boxes of old albums from my brother's basement, and I'll spend a little time sorting through these before starting up the process once again. After that, I'll start on my CDs - I have at least 400, and my brother has another couple hundred in his collection.

We're in the middle of the two week Kenai Peninsula Orchestra Summer Music Festival. I've attended several of their lunchtime concerts, and even played in one of them. Last Friday I attended a performance by the guest musicians, "The Madison String Quartet", along with a few others. This will finish with a concert by the full orchestra this Friday.

Other than all this music, there's not much else going on. I'm still sawing away at my cello every morning. I guess I'm making some progress on the Breval Sonata, I am able to play through the first part - quite slowly, still - with some sense of the music... although not much quality, yet. Since we skipped our biweekly lesson last week, I decided to go ahead and start working on the next passage on my own. Also, I'm beginning to see some progress with the first six or seven pieces in the Mooney Double Stops book - this really has forced me to pay more attention to my left hand, curving my fingers more so I can stop the strings with the fingertips.

Oh yeah, after another five or six days of clouds, the sun came back out yesterday evening and it's supposed to be nice for the rest of the week.

Wow. 221! Maybe when I retire I can do mine.

And I love those Mooney books. The double stop pieces in particular are great for cellists of every level.

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