Saturday, September 20, 2008


Adios to Two Cellobloggers

Today, I learned that two formerly prominent cellobloggers have deleted their blogs and exited the blogosphere .

Pink Fluffy Slippers' blog, "Cello, Et Cetera", was one of the first celloblogs I encountered not long after starting my own. We got to know one another through back-and-forth comments, and last summer (2007) I had the good fortune to actually meet her and play some duets together.

I also enjoyed reading Diana's blog, "Frog-Swans and Swan-Frogs", which largely dealt with her experiences as a teacher in the inner-city schools of New York.

Goodbye PFS and Diana. I hope you still drop by once in a while to visit my somewhat neglected blog.

Regardless, I will miss your blogs.

Thanks, Guanaco, for your kind words. I will continue to visit your blog--I am glad it's there.

Aww...*sniff* Always sad to see another cello-blogger leave the scene. Of course, I shouldn't be talking- I've neglected my own blog lately!
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