Wednesday, September 03, 2008


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I've almost made my way through the first part of the Breval Sonata. I'm taking it slowly, each day picking out various stumble spots to focus on for ten or fifteen minutes, then moving on. About once a week, I pick up ten more measures. I'm far from satisfied (I suspect I'll never actually be fully satisfied - there will always be that one [or ten] passage[s] that I can improve). But as I played it through today, several times I realized: "that used to be a stumble point... and that..."

So, progress.

With the "Sonata", the Mooney "Double Stops" pieces, the Mooney "Position Pieces", and my desire to continue working on the older Suzuki pieces, I find myself running out of time each morning when I practice. I've been juggling the play order each day so that I do manage to attend to each piece every day or so. But as we move back into orchestra season (we're supposed to have a concert in mid-October) and our cello trio/quartet is trying to figure out what next to add to our repertoire, I am once again wondering how the heck I'm going to find the time to work on all of these extra pieces.

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