Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Music Theory Class

Monday, after our orchestra rehearsal, we had our first of eight music theory classes with Maria Allison. She usually teaches this course at the local college, but since they decided not to offer it this semester, our cello quartet asked if she'd be willing to present the class for us and any other interested musicians we could round up. We ended up gathering fifteen students for this biweekly class - half are adult amateur musicians like me, and half are local high school musicians.

I learned a basic version of music theory in seventh grade (it was a required one-semester course back then). I spent my eighth-grade year attempting (and essentially failing) to learn the clarinet as part of the school marching band. The band teacher was big on theory and made sure we learned at least something about music, even if certain of us last-chair slackers did forge our mothers' initials on our weekly practice cards....

When I started learning the cello I was surprised how much of that theory was still with me; the basics, at least. Still, it took more than a year to convert my treble-clef reading ability over to bass-clef (even now, every once-in-a-while, I still see "C" and think "A".) Since my understanding of theory fades out somewhere in the early treatment of chords, I'm really looking forward to this class.

Cellocracy picked up a small part of another Christmas gig. We decided on a cool arrangement of "Carol of the Bells" for four cellos, done by Terry. We're also going to work on Apocalyptica's version of "Hall of the Mountain King". Their arrangement is wa-a-ay beyond us, but we think we can work out a presentable version sooner or later. It looks like a lot of fun.

Hey G, it's PFS here. I've taken my blog offline and gone anonymous for the time being. The Apocalyptica sounds fun to work on. I see you just did Breval Sonata. That piece was stuck in my head for about a year after I did it. Not that I ever really got it into a finished state. :)
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