Monday, October 06, 2008


If you haven't already made up your mind...

Consider spending a few hours reading this book:

John McCain: An American Odyssey

A remarkable and inspiring life story, warts and all.

I just lost all respect for your blog.
I'm sorry you've taken it that way, D. As you can see, unlike way too many bloggers, I didn't slime the other guy in any way.

All I suggested here is that if you haven't already decided which candidate to support, this particular book will help you understand one of the candidates a whole lot better.

I don't understand why this offends...
And you have gained more of mine. It is hard to disagree respectfully. Tolerance is a skill and hate is a reaction. My blog today addresses a little of this sentiment. I hope a lot of people read it.

The thing I don't understand is how people can't disagree with McCain and still see what an amazing guy he is. As you know, I am a conservative (but a Ron Paul conservative, not a Bush one) and still don't know who I am voting for. But what a life, what an interesting journey McCain has had. There is goodness in the man, if slightly more rare in his campaign.

There is goodness in your blog. You get my vote.
It's too bad some people can't get past stupid prejudices to read a great book. Props for the post- you get my vote too.
One of the glories of the Internet is getting to read or listen to all sides of the debate, and maybe coming together (or reaching across the aisle) to find solutions. If we don't talk politics occasionally, even on our cello blogs, there seems little hope. Discussion even helps us clarify our own opinions for ourselves, and even that is progress!
when you vote for mccain, you are voting for his ideas and his party...and not for his life story. I think this is something that many forget about when choosing a candidate. anyone who runs a campaign as hateful and full of lies as mccain has cannot be considered a respectable person in my eyes.
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