Tuesday, November 18, 2008



So we're being asked to bailout a company that thinks we'd want to buy things like this?

Completely insane.
I agree its kind of ridiculous...but remember that our administration for the past 8 years has given tax breaks to people who buy SUV's and breaks to companies that produce them as well...doesn't make a whole lot of sense, does it? The idea to take the money already set aside for more "green" car production and put it towards to bailout doesn't make a whole lot of sense either...since it would keep the car companies from going in the correct direction...we do want to get these gas guzzlers off the road, right?? so why should we take away the funds that will help do just that?
sorry...you probably aren't looking for a political discussion here, but I just can't help myself sometimes...and sorry for my past comments, I can get very passionate about this stuff and get carried away sometimes...these little white boxes don't let me hold back!
I bought a gas-guzzler SUV (Ford's biggest monster - the Excursion) in 2000.


What a mistake! Not in the least is the insane oil price runup, which has led us to sideline the beast for several years now - we only use it in heavy snows or when we want to haul a lot of people or a big load. The real problem was the poor quality of the thing starting the moment it came off the lot. After the warranty expired, even minor repairs have been ridiculously expensive. About half the problems we've had with it were due to poor workmanship, but the other half were caused by poor engineering design and material quality issues. IMHO, both the company and the unions are responsible for this piece of junk. Consequently, I don't have much sympathy for either party in this current debate.

We considered selling it, but couldn't find any buyers at a reasonable price (and I wasn't looking to make any money off of it either). It's more useful to me to have it sit in the driveway until those few months each winter when the weather sucks bad enough to use it.

Over the years I've bought one vehicle each from Chrysler, GM, and Ford. None of them were any good and I've never even considered buying a second car from any of them. On the other hand, I have a 1992 Subaru that is in great shape and still runs fine after 150,000 miles. I've only had to do minor maintenance on it - in fact I've spent more money on tires for it than repairs.

It will take a major shift in Detroit's conceptual design and quality for me to ever consider buying another "Big-3" automobile. These companies have simply ignored the need for fuel efficiency AND vehicle safety in their designs time and again. Where's the evidence to justify letting them off the hook now that the consumers have gotten tired of being burned on repair bills and low resale values and have decided to walk away from their crappy products?
Actually, that's one of the first new American car designs I've really liked in a while. But I bought a Toyota.
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