Tuesday, November 11, 2008


TV Dancing

Is it just me? I really detest those TV dancing/reality shows. Ugh.

In fact, I can't stand any of the reality shows, not a single one.

For one season I did watch Hell's Kitchen, but even that one became too much...

The thing that gets me is the overproduction, with all the trite little setups forced on the participants. Worse are those "confessionals" that accompany each scene. To add drama, the producers push the "contestants" to be as nasty as they can about each other. Don't these people have any shame?

LOL I'm quite partial to Stricly come dancing here in the uk... and we had maestro here in the autumn when clebs learned to conduct... that was wonderful... but I do get what you mean! I like Gordon ramsay but can't watch hell's kitchen due to the constnt recap after recap like everyone is really stupid and can't remember what happened before the commercial break!
I wonder how much of a difference there is between british and us tv!
I watched Hell's Kitchen briefly, with my daughter, and I could not remember what happened, even with recaps. :-)

I watched Dancing briefly with my husband, but couldn't remember who were the stars and who were the dancers.

I guess reality tv is not for me.
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