Friday, December 26, 2008


Body Beat

Santa Claus brought me a "Body Beat" metronome yesterday and I got a chance to try it out this morning. I've used a Seiko dial metronome for a couple of years but I find the clicking to be so distracting and annoying, that I tend not to use it very often. I have been diligently using it for my vibrato exercises these past few months; increasing the tempo by a "notch" every other day or so. But I usually shut it off afterward, even though I know I'm supposed to be using it...

My new Body Beat, made by Peterson Tuners, includes a small bar about the size of a bullet that is attached to a clip for hooking onto my belt. A wire connects the bar to metronome which is about the size of a large cellphone. It is also able to be clipped on my belt like those old pagers I used to wear. The "Vibe Clip" is supposed to be worn against the spine or hipbone. You set the tempo, select an accent and a subdivision (these even include dotted-eighth/sixteenth combinations), and just turn it on. The vibrator emits short noticeable vibration pulses that can easily be felt in almost any location against the body - I found I like it best against my hipbone.

It only took a few minutes to reconfigure my metronome sensory system from hearing the beats to feeling them. It was so nice not to have to listen to those clicks, but still have that steady tempo. That freed my ears up to listen to the music and pay attention to intonation.

I think this will work out fine for me.

"Sounds" interesting!
What a great idea! I hadn't heard of that before.
I've never seen this either, what a great concept. Too bad it's out of my budget at the moment.
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