Wednesday, January 14, 2009


A blog entry not completely about the weather

Here are Horace and Henry tolerating my daily cello practice.

In spite of good intentions, I have to report that it is currently 42F outside (77 degrees warmer than just four days ago). It appears our cold spell has drifted south into the north-central US. Enjoy it GTGP! :)

The fierce (and extremely unusual) southeast winds have blown all the snow off the trees and quickly melted the snow and ice buildup on the driveway and deck. We don't usually see this kind of midwinter thaw, but I don't mind; all the less to have to melt off in April.

My teacher has canceled our cello lesson twice this month already. So without any new lesson issues to report, I've struggled to come up with anything to write about here. I'm still working on the Breval Sonata; but I'm getting a little frustrated with it. I just don't feel as if I'm making any progress. I've also spent time focusing on a couple pieces in Book 3. At least I am seeing good progress in the Position Etude book, so I don't feel completely stymied. I'm also continuing my vibrato drills, with slow, steady progress.

Our string orchestra has reconvened for the winter/spring season; unfortunately with even fewer players than the fall. Our cello group (a trio again, for now) has selected four new pieces to learn, including another nice piece by Rudolf Matz. We're tackling tougher and tougher pieces, so I guess that's a sign of progress.

Don't have anything brilliant to say - just stopped by to see the place. Interesting to see that practice will plateau at more advanced levels too. It's not just us rank beginners.
I can't believe how cold it gets up there. And here I've been complaining about single digits. We've warmed up some, but we're trapped in a temperature inversion down here in the valley. I think I'd prefer the colder temps.

What do you do for vibrato drills anyway? I've got a couple students ready for vibrato and I need some new ideas.
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