Sunday, February 08, 2009


Winter blahs

The days are cold (ranging from 0 to -15) and clear (lately), but they are gradually getting longer. After a flurry of warnings we've gotten used to the constant Orange alert regarding Redoubt Volcano (see my masthead). It's still rumbling under there somewhere, but nothing has changed in two weeks. We bought a pack of dust masks and refreshed some of our food stockpiles, but other than that, there's not much we can do about it, but wait and see.

At last Thursday's lesson (#65), I started working on the third octave of the D Major scale, increasing my "fingerboard" range by two more notes, C# and D on the A-string. After getting used to this, I'll start the second octave of the G major scale on the D-string (F# and G), and so on with the other strings. We played through the Beethoven Minuet and the Breval Sonata. I'm still making slow, steady progress... I guess. Much of our discussion on these two pieces was about bow usage - planning when to be at the tip (or frog) in anticipation of full bow segments, etc.

In my practice work, I'm gradually progressing through the Percy Such "Position Etudes"; and today I realized that I've actually made some progress in Mooney "Double-Stops" as well. I'd almost given up on these, but as I explained to my teacher, I decided to lower my expectations (time-wise) and just keep plugging away. Vibrato and trill exercises are also progressing.

Chopping wood and carrying water.

On another note, I finished ripping 362 CDs to my iPod - in just three weeks [97 of these were cello-CDs]. It had taken me almost a year to convert 362 LPs. That totals 724 "albums" on my iPod - over 9,500 songs.

Our Cellocracy trio has been invited to play a short concert at a local elementary school at the end of the month as part of a segment on sound and vibrations. We're supposed to play for 15 minutes or so then answer questions and repeat the show for a second group in order to accomodate the whole school. It's challenging to find age-appropriate music from our limited repertoire.

I couldn't understand most of this blog due to knowing next to nothing about music yet I enjoyed it immensely.
Many thanks for the link to that post. It means more to me personally than it does professionally. :)
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