Thursday, May 28, 2009


muddling along

For some reason I find myself unable to start into my lesson work until I've spent at least 20 to 30 minutes playing through all the scales - all those I've learned so far - in all the possible combinations of strings and positions. Now that I've begun working on the third octave of the D-Major scale on the a-string, I added the F-Major scale on the c-string, C-Major on the g-string, and G-Major on the d-string. I've tried skipping the scales and jumping right into my double stops or position etudes, but something compels me to go back and do all those scales nonetheless.

After a month of playing the Marcelo Sonata Allegro, pizzicato (with the metronome, always with the metronome...), I started bowing it yesterday and this morning I was able to play it through without any errors! Now to increase the tempo...

I had to go back and spend several days re-working a couple passages in the Breval Sonata Rondo, particularly where those Bbs show up; but today I was finally able to increase the tempo another notch.

Lessons resume in July; I'm hoping to be ready to demonstrate these two pieces to my teacher, and that I will have made some progress on the first part of the Marcelo.

Hi Guanaco,

Quick question, I've been reading your blog quite a while now, and really enjoy it. One of the things that I struggle with as a late learner, and have to really work on, is musicality and the feel of a piece. I don't see you mention that much, do you spend much time on that?
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