Thursday, July 30, 2009


Wah Wah

Yesterday's noontime concert at the library went very well. I did flub a few spots on a couple pieces, but easily found my way back in again. But the best part was that we really nailed Ashokan Farewell - a nice but challenging arrangement with a cool cello part, which I'd been working on for a long time.

Afterward, I sent my bow to my luthier in Anchorage for a rehair - I've had it for 20 months, so it's about time, I guess. I'm supposed to get it back this weekend; I can't wait to see how it plays. This means I should probably order new strings too. But which ones? I've used Jargar G and C for a few years now, and up until recently I'd been using Larsen A & D, but recently installed my old Jargar A & D strings in response to a suggestion from the luthier. I'm not sure I can really tell the difference...

I wasn't looking forward to having to use my old bow for the next few days, but then I realized this would be a good opportunity to pull out my Yamaha electric cello and try it out with Z's effects box that I picked up for him at a garage sale a few weeks ago. It's pretty old, but works fine and has 25 different effects along with some sort of programming feature.

So, this morning I set it all up, and started in on my regular routines, stepping through each effect as I went along. That was really interesting! About half of them sounded pretty good, with half of these sounding really nice. Nice enough to explore further. It was fun playing the Marcello Sonata like Jimmy might have done. What was interesting to me was that while I was paying so much attention to the sounds from the amp, I wasn't really thinking about the various technical and things I normally concentrate on - and I was playing somewhat better than normal, more relaxed and with some feeling.

Tomorrow, electric Bach!

Stumbled upon your blog while googling. Am also learning cello (now in Suzuki Book 3) but not as hardworking as you :P

Fred ( )
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