Saturday, August 15, 2009


Burger Birthday

For Z's 17th birthday yesterday (also our 38th anniversary) I made this cake - inspired by his summer job at [Large Hamburger Chain].

I guess I've watched too many episodes of Cake Boss and Ace of Cakes.

[The bun top was baked in a large glass casserole dish, the bun bottom and the meat were baked in regular cake pans. I sliced each cake part in half and layered them back together with butterscotch pudding. The meat was iced with chocolate icing with crumbled dark chocolate cookies pressed in for texture. The bun was iced with cream cheese icing tinted with food coloring. Chopped macadamia nuts were sprinkled on top. The cheese, tomatoes and lettuce were made from marzipan paste mixed with food coloring. Overall, the cake was about 9" in diameter and 6" tall.]

Oh, my, I had no idea you had such talents. Very impressive.
What a great cake! You did a beautiful job.
Given your remarkable book list, I couldn't help but comment. I'm the editor of a new book called THE LOST CELLOS OF LEV ARONSON: Frances Brent and provided your interest in music---particularly the cello---I thought I'd share this recent Wall Street Journal review with you in the hopes that you might pick up the book and possibly blog about it! Best wishes!
You need to talk with Cello Muser. His wife makes amazing cakes too. Perhaps I can lure both cake making entities to CA as part of Cello Fandango of the Future that I am trying to hustle together.

Food. Cello. Spa Treatments.

How could that be bad?

Happy Birthday Z!
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