Sunday, August 30, 2009


Warming up

With surprising progress with the first of the Bach Minuets, I began working this week on the second Minuet in Suzuki Book 4, just pizzicato, measure by measure.

On the other hand, I've gotten stuck somehow, trying to increase my tempo on the Breval Rondo. I keep stumbling at those sixteenth-note runs.

I'm tackling this in a different manner than I've previously used. After my warmup scales, I decided to play each of these isolated sections as if I were warming up with a new scale. Starting slowly with the metronome, playing note by note, listening for accuracy, clarity and smooth transitions across strings and positions. Once I'm completely satisfied, I then increase the tempo a few notches.

From the three pieces I'm currently working on, I've isolated five tricky sections for this intensive treatment. The past few days, I've spent 5 to 10 minutes on each of these sections. I've not yet reached my desired tempo/accuracy with any of these, but I can hear definite progress with all of them.

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