Sunday, October 11, 2009


First rehearsal

It wasn't nearly as bad as I had dreaded. I've gotten to know many of the players over the last few years - people who in one way or another have supported and encouraged me in my own personal quest. It was gratifying to finally be able to join them (even if part of me still doesn't really think I'm ready).

It helped that I've done a lot of work on these pieces these last five weeks. Listening to those recordings repeatedly - first at slowed-tempos and then at normal speed - while following along in the score, let me get familiar with my expected role. The trombones behind me on the right sure were loud, but they did help me stay on tempo.

There were lots of places where I got completely lost, but I now know these pieces well enough to be able to find re-entry points. There were several places where I realized I would have to focus on learning just the quarter notes (particularly in the Brahms "Hungarian Dance #5") and simply let all those super-fast eighth notes go by. I also realized I ought to go ahead and start learning several parts (at least) of the Bizet "L'Arlesienne".

We rehearse again next Sunday.

and sitting in front of trumpets is even worse! Have fun!

Try playing just the first note of the eight note run or only the the down beats until you get acclimated to the speed.
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