Sunday, January 10, 2010



Another geek's binary day (01 10 10 = 26).

My cello practices the past few days have targeted three of the trickier passages in Chanson Triste. I've spent hours just patterning their fingerings. Each passage is only three or four measures long, but each one presents a slightly different issue. The most difficult passage for me is the middle third of the B part, which has a bunch of position changes back and forth over just a few measures. Yesterday, after a long set of repetitions I went back and played that part really slow just listening for those sweet ringing sounds, helping me to fine-tune those position changes.

On this one, at least, I've had no problem adapting to tenor clef...

Last night, in a rare evening practice session, I played the entire piece from memory. By the end of an hour I managed to play it all the way through without any errors or hesitation, and I was getting those clean ringing notes on those shifts... But this morning I didn't start off nearly as well, although it eventually got better by the end of the session.

Tomorrow I start orchestra again, and Wednesday another lesson after a month off.

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