Saturday, February 13, 2010



I like the winter Olympics. But I really detest NBC's coverage of it. Am I the only one who doesn't like the way NBC anoints a handful of "stars" to follow around for two weeks, essentially ignoring everyone else? And those incessant interviews and the sob-stories... aaagh!

A friend's son has competed in four successive winter games. Last night we'd hoped to get a chance to see him in the opening ceremonies... Did NBC even once pan slowly through the crowd of US athletes? All we saw before they cut to another commercial were those four or five stars mugging for the cameras.

It just sticks in my craw, year after year... Why can't they just show the dang events without creating a lame little "story" for each one with struggling heroes and heavy-handed villains?

I never really thought of it before, but yes, come to think of it, I do agree. Well put.
I have totally tuned of the Olympics. 20+ years of waiting for it to get better will get to a guy.

Off topic, but how's the Erhu studies going? You have piqued my interest, as I have been listening to much Chinese classical music lately.
I agree! This is NBC's last year for covering the event, so I've heard.
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