Thursday, February 11, 2010


Getting past those five measures

Two entries in two days! No, I'm not going to try to follow Eric's example; besides I already did post an entry a day for the first year of this blog - no way I'd do that again...

At my lesson this afternoon, we talked about those five measures (actually there are only two really hard ones) in the Vivaldi Sonata. My teacher reassured me that this was the hardest part - for everyone. We played it through - slowly, and I did it OK. We also spent a few minutes working on the string-crossing eighth notes in the second part. So we sight-read through the rest of the piece (I have barely looked at half of it), and it went really well. We figured out several practice points and talked about a few fingering options. Of course eventually, I'll need to be playing this much faster, but I feel a lot more positive about this now.

We also picked out the next etude to work on from the Percy Such book. I had mentioned that I wasn't satisfied with my 4th position intonation on the D string, so she found an etude to help. I'm also starting another etude by Sebastian Lee.

I told her about my visualization revelation. Although we've talked about bow weights off and on for years, I explained that all along I had been trying to visualize a bow arm/weight pathway through my neck and shoulder. But when I started imagining this from my back beneath my scapula, something clicked.

I just had to put up another picture of that giant guinea pig - actually it's a capybara. Not your average housepet - but then again, I've mentioned Jessica the hippo, and the other day we watched a special about a white rhino baby that was raised in someone's home (it was eventually released into the wild along with his best friend, a warthog.) This guy's name is Caplin Rous, and he has his own blog: "Capybara Madness".

My hubby has always wanted a capybara for a pet!
Fourth? Gosh I wish. I'm still in first on cello. I seem to be refusing to leave first on violin too, and I've been playing that one for too long to still be in first.
That is a giant guinea pig! WOW! Are capybaras easy to hand tame?
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