Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Something different

How many times have I groaned on about how poorly I played something at my lesson, considering how well I could play it at home? I had come to expect it.

So I've been floundering on three or four segments in the Vivaldi Sonata for several weeks now. This week, my practice sessions were really frustrating. Yesterday, after just twenty minutes I gave up and put my cello away. This morning it felt like I had ten thumbs. Nothing went right.

At today's lesson, we began with one of my latest etudes in the Percy Such book. I did so well that there weren't really any "lesson issues" to go over. Then when we picked up the Vivaldi piece, we went directly to my first stumble point, and slowly played it together - with no problems. We backed up and played the entire phrase, and that too was good. So, we moved on to my next stumble point, and again all went well. Next we went back to the beginning and played it through just fine; not polished or "pretty" yet, but not bad at all. Finally we turned to the last few lines of the second part, which I'd just started, and plucked through it cleanly, without problem.

This is the first time I've ever played better in a lesson than at home!

Driving home last night I heard John Walz playing that Vivaldi Sonata on the radio, but with the piano accompaniment arranged for orchestra. Really, really nice. For a taste, go to and listen to the sample labeled "Concerto in E Minor for \'cello and orchestra: Largo".
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