Thursday, May 20, 2010



Last night Z graduated from High School! I expected it to be hard, but wow, what an emotional moment...

Seven years ago, after escaping my old 9-5 salt-mine routine, I was able to become fully and actively involved in being a full-time father to Z as he entered the sixth grade. For some reason, I have always found it difficult to write here about my relationship with Z. I can't begin to explain how fulfilling this was for me - and, I'm pretty sure, for him. He's turned out to be a neat kid young man, and we're so proud of him - I have no doubt that he'll do well and be happy in his life. But, I still can't see how I'm going to let him go off to college in the fall (sob).

Congratulations, G! Parenting is a mystery to me but I have great respect for those who commit to the journey. Sounds like you did a good job of it.
I've enjoyed your posts for some time, as an adult learner of the mandolin, but just recently, the RSS feed has disappeared. This makes it much more difficult to keep up with your writing. Would it be possible to restore the feed (either RSS or Atom)?

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