Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Bach for bears

Check out Armen Ksajikian playing his cello for a bunch of brown bears! Armen is a frequent visitor to Alaska, frequently playing with the Sitka Summer Music Festival [too bad Sitka is so far away]. We've been fortunate that he has also come to Soldotna several times, most recently last fall.

Many years ago Sitka resident Les Kinnear converted a giant former pulp mill clarifier (essentially a 3/4 acre open-top water tank) into a unique habitat for rescued bears, called the "Fortress of the Bear" sanctuary. During this year's festival, Armen hauled his cello out onto the viewing platform and presented a concert for the bears. The photos and story immediately hit the wires. For more details, go here.

Who else but Armen would think to entertain the bears?

I think it's because Armen IS a bear. :)

PS: word verification is spershe. I think that's what I say when I sneeze.
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