Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Where did summer go?

I took advantage of a recent three-day break in the rains to paint about half of my house - the hardest half. I don’t like heights, and the higher those 2x12 planks are on the scaffolding, the narrower they seem to get. By the time I’ve climbed to the top rung of the third scaffold level, it felt like I was standing on a tightrope. Then, to paint under the top of the eaves, I had to tape the brush to a pole and blindly reach up over my head as far as I could. Although it only took a few minutes to get that area painted, it felt like hours. Whew, the worst is over.

The next day it started raining again. I’m going to need another three days to finish the house and at least a week (or so) to dry out and paint the deck. I’m not so sure we’ll get that this summer. Too bad I can’t send some of our rain and 50-degree days to the east coast in exchange for just a few 70-degree days.

So how come after a judge sentences someone to 90-days in jail, the jail gets to decide to let her out after only 14 [oops, now it’s down to 12] days? Makes you wonder who’s actually in charge, doesn’t it? For that matter, how come when judges sentence someone to [say] 120 days in jail with 110 days suspended and after that person is released and is arrested again for the same crime, he doesn’t have to go back and complete those suspended days before serving a full second sentence? In my area, the judges never reimpose that earlier suspended sentence and then they go ahead and suspend 90% of the second sentence as well. What a system! I guess that’s why we need so many lawyers.

While I’m on a roll, how come when TV cops approach a suspect to arrest him/her they always announce themselves far too soon, leaving the guy plenty of room to run? Why don’t they wait until they’re close enough to grab him?

I’ve worked through the rest of the Verdi piece in Book 5, and now I’m working on tempos. My teacher cancelled today’s lesson - it would have been the first in almost three months. It’s been hard to keep at it every day without the motivation of a pending lesson, but I’ve managed, more-or-less, to keep on track. I’ve kept my focus by stepping back occasionally to rework the trouble spots, and then returning to my tempo work. I have slacked off a bit with my etudes, but I have been working on several new orchestra pieces that we picked up a few weeks ago.

Z leaves for college in just over a month... sigh.

You REALLY don't want the East coast weather, you really don't. I guess the only good thing is that we have tomatoes in mid July this year, but only with irrigation to prevent wilting!

I learned that Vivaldi piece on my 4/4 cello and struggled so with it. I went back to it last week with my 7/8 and found that is much more fun when I can reach the notes. Sorry you have missed that lesson you had been working towards. I really need lessons to keep me from repeating mistakes. Hope you can reschedule it soon!
Your journey as a cellist is inspiring! Thank you for sharing your progress.
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